Our People

Michael Bigelow founded Bigelow & Co, Organ Builders in 1978, following European excursions and apprentice work with Abbott & Sieker in Los Angeles and John Brombaugh & Co. in Ohio. As President, he enjoys working both with Bigelow's team and with clients, and loves designing organ cases. At age 75, Mike works 3/4 time, and is gradually passing the baton to others of Bigelow's talented team.

David Chamberlin met Mike Bigelow during his senior year as an organ major at Brigham Young University. He worked with the firm for about a year, then went off to Rochester, New York, for graduate study at the Eastman School of Music. He returned in 1985 (with a masters degree) and now serves as tonal director and vice president of the firm, but most of his time goes into mechanical and electrical design. He has been the organist of Utah's flagship Lutheran church, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Salt Lake City, since 1988.

Beth Bigelow was drawn into organ building by marriage, but admits it's been a fun ride, living above the shop, and tuning organs all over the country. (Tuning late into the evening with the promise that "we'll have dinner soon" is not her idea of fun, however!) She provides a lot of general help, keeps track of who's in the shop by looking down on the parking lot, and is especially appreciated for faithfully getting payroll out twice a month.

Robert Munson came to Bigelow and Co. in September 1991 with training and background in Automotive repair and restoration, which included electrical systems, welding, and metal fabrication. He holds an A.A.S degree in electronics technology with additional training in machine tool technology and woodworking. Most of his interests and abilities were inherited from his father, who was also a very successful musician. Robert considers organ building a very enjoyable occupation and an outlet for his desire to create. It makes him happy to know that his efforts might help others to find joy in music. His favorite hobby is building loudspeakers and audio systems for music reproductions. "It's all about the music, after all!"

Shayne Ward came to Bigelow & Co. with woodworking experience, knowing nothing about the pipe organ. Over 30 years and 24 organs, he has been challenged and rewarded greatly. God surely directed those early days to a career that he had no idea existed; one that continues to present many opportunities in many ways.

Katherine Bigelow was born with a screwdriver in her hand, or so her mother likes to say. It was a unique childhood, growing up as an organ builder's daughter, from living in an old church to going with her dad to different churches to work on organs. She loved using all kinds of tools from a young age and has become quite the handy woman. As an adult, she specializes in the detailed and tedious tasks involved in organ building, from routing wind channels in toe boards (pictured) to voicing thousands of pipes. Her slim physique often comes in handy, enabling her to get into parts of an organ that no one else can!

Conner Kunz started with Bigelow towards the end of 2017, applying his 15 years of knowledge and experience in fine woodworking to the construction of everything from massive oak organ cases to small precision parts. Being a part of the team satiates his desire to solve mechanical problems as well as his love of music.

Alex Bagley grew up in a family of musicians, dreaming of one day building something that someone could make music with. While still learning, he is excited to work with the team and accomplish his dreams.

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